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Event Reporting,

One App

Useful Information, Carried Forward

Transparent & Secure

Event reporting time stamped and mapped on an open-source blockchain, including critical emergency scenarios and transparent information relay to responsible parties.
Aquarius communications. Destined for limitless horizons. 1 app for all people to equally exchange what is deemed relevant.Harry Danilevics, Co-Founder of Proport

Why Choose Us

Crystal Clear Communication for Everyone

Event proporting will revolutionize the way everything is documented and reported. Safe, secure storage on an open-sourced blockchain so records are permanent and transparent. A new platform for a new Aquarian age.

Our Favorite Features


To carry forward useful information via picture, video, audio, attachment, link, or live stream

Scan Area

Figure out if something has already been proported via location, time, or date on a multidimensional map

Follow Up

Advance and update personal proports and respond to those from others


Utilize your device as the official means of communication with all professions, corporations and government entities


Proport what you need so that others may assist in facilitating or referring to who can


Every Proport is saved on an open-sourced blockchain to ensure the ability for anyone to safely proport anything with a guarantee that the record is permanent

Meet Our Team

Harry Danilevics

Harry Danilevics


Harry is leading the efforts to ensure public trust in free data transfers from anyone to anybody about anything on one platform.
Peter Shi

Peter Shi

Co-Founder, Technical

Peter is the technology architect behind Proport. He is developing the open-source secure blockchain to facilitate the transparent data storage of all public records.


3rd Co-Founder

Looking for a third balancing energy

Ready to Start Proporting?

Proport enables self-representation through our personal device as an official direct-access channel